Our mission is
to transform your ideas
into tangible value.

We are a team of manufacturing excellence that supports
you in every phase of the complex production activity.
We have decades of experience in fashion and together with
our collaborators we carry out, from the simplest to the most ambitious,
fashion projects, presenting solutions in every phase of research, development,
production, logistics and sustainability. And much more.


The guardianship
of the Made in Italy brand

The companies that are part of Alkenium are leading Italian fashion manufacturing companies and collaborate on a regular basis with top international brands, guaranteeing prestige to the Made in Italy brand.


High standards
of excellence

Delegating to Alkenium is the most effective choice for both brands or creatives who want to start new lines or for those who simply want to outsource the entire production process without having the weight of expensive and complex internal structures.


Unique and reliable
point of reference

Alkenium provides advanced services that guarantee high standards of performance, covering an expert and versatile role in production, in IT (through the Philo digital platform) and in all phases of creation and management of a collection.


The magic touch
of giving shape to projects

Alkenium is the ideal tool to reach the next level, the partner able to transform an idea into a product, following the alchemical concept that inspires one, it takes care of the necessary steps to give shape and value to a thought.


Know how,
professionalism, relationships

Alkenium is a network made up of manufacturing companies with decades of experience in the fashion system, highly qualified collaborators, professionalism and particular attention to achieving the goal.


Problem solving
and modularity

Alkenium is able to provide the right answer to every production need and thanks to the Philo platform, it guarantees the possibility, through a simple app, to check the status of the work at any time.

All this and much more can be purchased with modularity, to better respond to the needs of the moment, creating a tailor-made service. We like to be effective.

Do you have a project to achieve?

We will be a single, punctual, expert and versatile point of reference.